About Dr. Priyanka Chiripal

Dr. Priyanka Chiripal

Primary Medical Title

An expert Surgeon for Breast Cancer and an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

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Master of General Surgery from Sheth V.S General Hospital

Training received

Medical Introduction

Dr. Priyanka Chiripal is a breast cancer surgeon who specializes in surgery for breast cancer and various preventive surgeries for high-risk individuals. She has an expertise in “oncoplastic” breast surgery, which allows her to provide best cosmetic results following breast conservation surgery, using her extensive knowledge and the advanced infrastructure of Zydus Hospitals.

After completion of her Masters in Surgery in 2013, Dr. Priyanka underwent training in oncoplasty across several countries, including the USA, Italy, and the UK. She also received her fellowship from the Tata Memorial Hospital. During her time in these countries, Dr. Chiripal gained significant exposure to various breast reconstructive techniques, which she has utilized in her practice as a specialist breast oncologist in Ahmedabad, serving her nation with her expertise.

Life mission and belief

Although she had an international exposure and opportunities, Dr. Priyanka Chiripal chose to serve her motherland and fellow citizens with her medical expertise and her surgical proficiency. With a demonstrated career history in Breast Oncology since 2013, Dr. Priyanka Chiripal has been a flag bearer to fight the progressive incidents of breast cancer in India. To put it in a statement, she has made it her life mission to provide the required education, awareness, consultation and surgical skills to reverse the progressive trend of Breast Cancer in India and Indian women.


13 years of dedicated medical career in cosmetic breast surgeries and breast cancer surgeries. She currently practices at Zydus Hospitals.

Breast Cancer Treatments

  • Breast Conservation Surgery (BCS)
  • Mastectomy
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB)
  • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection (ALND)

MS (Gold Medalist)

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Women Breast Cancer Surgeon

10+ Years of Practice

5000+ Surgeries