Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • Dermal flap breast recibstruction surgery is performed on women with large and ptotic breasts.
  • An inferior dermal flap with implant is a useful option for women hoping for immediate breast reconstruction.



Dermal Flap Reconstruction procedure


And After

Dermal Flap Reconstruction procedure

Post-surgery and recovery

The patient will have to wear a non-wired supportive bra for 1-3 months. In case extra support is needed, a foam roll is used for 2 weeks.

The drains are kept in place for no more than 10 days.

The antibiotic treatment is then changed to tablets until 24 hours after removal of drains.

The dressing and sutures around the nipple graft are removed after 5 days.

Usually, patients should refrain from heavy sports during the first six weeks.

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