Therapeutic Reduction Mammoplasty

  • Therapeutic mammoplasty is a surgery to remove breast cancer (therapeutic) and reshape (mammoplasty) the breast by removing tissue and skin.
  • This surgery is carried out as both a form of breast cancer treatment and to try to preserve a normal breast shape.



Why to opt for Therapeutic mammoplasty:


Before And After

Why to opt for Therapeutic mammoplasty:

Surgery and post-surgery recovery:

Fast recovery

After the clot has been removed and breast has been remodelled, it will appear slightly smaller and more uplifted than the other one. If this results in a noticeable size difference between your breasts, then the other breast may need to be reshaped or reduced so they appear symmetrical. Normally, this is a procedure carried out later. Important to note that a therapeutic mammoplasty is not the same as a breast reconstruction in which tissue from another part of the body (underarm, thigh etc) is used to fill the space where the cancer was. In this procedure, the tissue is only removed, hence it's only suitable for women who have moderate to large-sized breasts.

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