Breast Implant Revision Surgery

  • Change or improve breast appearance by updating the implant material
  • Change the size of the implant, or deal with any deformity issues
  • Various factors could cause your breast implants to deviate from your original expectations or appearance.
  • One of the prime reasons women opt for Breast implant revision is to correct an unsatisfactory result from a past surgery.



Breast Implant surgery could include:


Before And After

Breast Implant surgery could include:

What you need to know

Modern Surgery

This is not a routine or standard surgery, and it will be tailored
according to individual goals and desires.

Examine the status

Firstly, X-ray scans will be performed to examine the status of the implants.

Free guidance

You’ll have to discuss if you’d like to lose weight after the implant or opt for pregnancy as it’d affect the outcome of revision surgery.

New implant

Incisions would be made depending upon your desires and goals regarding to your new implant.


You will need to wear bandages around your chest for some days as recovery will take some time.

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