What is the survival rate for breast cancer in India?

Breast cancer takes center stage as one of the most common cancers affecting women in India. Recent figures indicate that 25% of all cancer cases among women in India are breast cancer. The stage of cancer, the patient’s age, and access to high-quality healthcare are some of the variables that affect the breast cancer survival rate in India. In this article, we’ll look at the breast cancer survival rate in India and analyze the elements that affect it.

What is the Survival Rate?

The percentage of persons who remain healthy for a given amount of time is known as the survival rate. In the instance of breast cancer, the survival rate represents the proportion of individuals who remain cancer-free for a predetermined amount of time, usually five years.

Survival Rate for Breast Cancer in India

When compared to other developed nations like the US and the UK, India’s breast cancer survival rate is comparatively low. The Indian Council of Medical Research found that the five-year survival rate for breast cancer in that country is roughly 66.1%. This indicates that 66.1% of Indian women who are diagnosed with breast cancer live at least five years after their diagnosis.

Factors that Influence Survival Rate

The survival rate for breast cancer in India is influenced by a number of variables. Cancer stage, patient age, access to high-quality healthcare, and socioeconomic situation are a few of them. Early detection of breast cancer increases the likelihood of a successful treatment compared to late detection. Due to delayed diagnosis and treatment, women who are older, have less access to high-quality healthcare, or come from lower socioeconomic origins may have a lower survival rate.

Importance of Early Detection and Treatment

For India’s breast cancer survival rate to increase, early identification and treatment are essential. Regular breast cancer screening for women, including mammography and clinical breast exams, is indicated. Early diagnosis enables prompt treatment, raising the likelihood of a successful recovery. To increase the likelihood of survival, it is also crucial to have access to high-quality healthcare facilities and receive treatment from a breast cancer doctor.

Role of Awareness and Education

Improved breast cancer survival rates in India are mostly a result of increased awareness and education. Women can be encouraged to seek medical attention and the stigma attached to breast cancer can be lessened by educating them on the value of breast cancer screening, early detection, and treatment. Governmental and non-governmental groups can both be extremely important in raising awareness and facilitating access to high-quality medical facilities.


The survival rate for breast cancer is relatively poor in India compared to Western nations, which is a major health concern for women. However, the survival rate for breast cancer in India can be increased with early detection, access to high-quality healthcare, and education and awareness. To increase their chances of survival, women must regularly get screened for breast cancer, get medical attention if any symptoms arise, and access top-notch healthcare facilities.